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The Top 10 Supply Chain Orchestration Blogs from the MPO Blog

In order to kick off 2018 on the right note, we wanted to look at 2017 on the most popular topics and most well read blog articles from our supply chain orchestration blog.

Here are the 10 most popular posts from our readers:

1. 3 Types of Supply Chain Control Towers

By far our most popular post, this read goes into the capabilities of the most common supply chain control towers and how not all control towers are created equal with continued innovation through digitization.

2. 5 Essential Elements of the Modern Control Tower

There is a lot of curiosity on the evolution of digital control towers and this post goes into critical functionality to evaluate when looking to purchase a new control tower.

3. Geodis and MPO Talk Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez

This is not a blog post but a tremendous conversation with Adrian Gonzalez of Talking Logistics, Geodis's VP of Supply Chain Eric St. Amand and MP Objects CEO Martin Verwijmeren and the key innovations happening in supply chain.

4. 3 Stats That Stress the Need for Supply Chain Orchestration

As customer expectations continue to rise, our supply chains are becoming more global, specialized and networked. The question is how we look to more effectively drive innovation that lets us embrace the supply chain complexity. The answer is supply chain orchestration.

5. Orchestration: The Key to Supply Chain Management

This is an older post but by far one of our most popular on the value of supply chain orchestration and the need for this new discipline and technology.

6. The Top 5 Insights For the Geodis 2017 Supply Chain Worldwide Survey

With supply chain complexity increasing, many organizations are struggling with their supply chain visibility. We took a look at the interesting survey results and interpreted what these result mean for supply chain leaders.

7. 4 Myths about Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Visibility is one of the biggest buzzwords in supply chain. This post is an attempt to expand the definition of visibility and the evolution of what visibility can mean for organizations.

8. Why We Invested in MPO

Tremendous post from our investor on the impact and future of supply chain orchestration and the value that it provides to create more consistent and efficient supply chains.

9. What is Causing Supply Chain Complexity

This post takes a look at the various effects and factors that are making our supply chains longer and more complex and what that means for the future of supply chains.

10. Supply Chain Visibility: We Should Be Striving for More

One of my favorite posts of the year which was written by our CEO Martin Verwijmeren on how we should approach change and evolution in our supply chain operations to better execute and create micro-supply chains for every order.

5 Trends Forcing Innovation in the Supply Chain

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