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Emergency System Relief for Supply Chain Orchestration


As projected in a recent CNBC article, we’re currently facing a “massive shuffling of supply chains globally after coronavirus shutdowns.” Due to major closures in China, Europe, and North America, companies find themselves in a difficult position: How will they deal with unparalleled uncertainties in demand, supply, inventory, and transport?

In today’s coronavirus crisis, the companies that continue to thrive are those that can best leverage dynamic business networks. When primary partnerships fall through, it’s crucial to have alternatives in place that let you shift gears and work with secondary or new partners. Having a flexible and configurable digital supply chain platform has never been more important.

Urgent Network Needs

A Supply Chain Orchestration platform is uniquely positioned to help businesses minimize disruption. With a single system for capturing information, collaborating across teams, and controlling process flows, companies can better work with partners to realize immediate benefits.

corona-work-from-home-bodySlow manual processes (phone, email) and internal enterprise systems, such as ERPs and WMSs, are not built for the circumstances of today’s crisis. Legacy systems require lengthy customization when connecting with new partners, and legacy systems don’t process data to make smart planning and execution decisions.

Our current need is for flexible order management and transportation management, as well as network-wide supply chain visibility. To that end, cloud platforms are well-equipped to handle supply chain management across multiple sites and partners.


Instant Cloud Solution

The evolving coronavirus crisis has proven to be a serious disruption to the global supply chain community. In these threatening times, we are working tirelessly to ensure that our customers still experience seamless service and can near-perfect orders, on time and in full.

corona-cloud-solution-bodyFor those who are struggling with their supply chains and legacy systems, we are offering a special crisis control solution. The standard MPO cloud platform will provide quick and efficient emergency relief for visibility, control, and the optimization of your supply chain business network.

Companies in need can benefit instantly from the MPO platform, which supports Order Fulfillment, Transport Management and Control Tower Analytics. All functions are available to resolve urgent issues and counter risks in your orders, inventory, transportation, delivery and returns.

Contact our friendly team via email or schedule a demo today! to find out how we can get you started with MPO right away!


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