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Fast-Track a Digital Transformation

In today’s ever-evolving supply chain industry, digital transformations are a must. However, not every business has that kind of time to spare. With tacit approval from senior management to pick a solution and spend what it takes (within reason), there are a few key ways to successfully fast-track your digital transformation and have a new platform running in the next quarter or two.

Moreover, major digital transformation projects don't have to break the bank. For fast results, teams should select technology that is neutral, cloud-based, and can support real-time integration. For instance, supply chain cloud technology, such as a multi party orchestration platform can typically begin enacting transformative change and generating value within 2-4-month increments, with breakeven in less than one year.

For the fastest time-to-value, teams should also choose configuration over customization. Solutions that are hard-coded, modular, built around a point solution, or attained through multiple acquisitions with integration complexity, or hybrid approaches are inflexible and take far longer to implement and generate value. Configurable platforms, on the other hand, are inherently adaptable and scalable, starting with a standard model and quickly adding capabilities that reflect your business' differentiators. For more detail and information on the topic, see the article How to Get the Quickest Time-to-Value for Your Digital Transformation.

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